150 years experience in the Oil, Gas and Renewables Sectors. 150 years experience in the Oil, Gas and Renewables Sectors.

Lyndon Energy is a diversified Energy Platform that is orientated around six key pillars; Consultancy, Clean Technology Development, Trading, Recruitment, Project Funding & Investment and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

The Companies Principals have more than a combined 150 years experience in the Oil, Gas and Renewables Sectors.

The company has a number of Investments including a Joint Venture with Tractebel Engineering (GDF Suez) to provide Engineering Consultancy in the United Kingdom and Carbon Capture and Storage Consultancy globally via the CCS TLM brand.


Upstream Oil, Gas and LNG and Downstream Refining consultancy is our core offer. We also provide Engineering consultancy services via the company’s joint venture with GDF Suez and Tractebel Engineering specialising in all forms of power including renewable and alternative generation and CCS under the CCS TLM brand.

Technology Development

Since time began man has been inspired to continuously innovate and drive change for the sake of humanity. We believe in this never ending journey and believe we have some distinctive positions.


Phoenix Commodities is an independent over-the-counter (OTC) brokerage based in London with a truly global network of relationships related to the oil, gas and LNG markets. Phoenix only works with Principals not brokers to structure robust transactions that can be reliably executed between the parties.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Lyndon Energy is the only authorised “distributor and re-seller” of Sustainability Credit Units for the Brasil Mata Viva (BMV) Programme in the UK. The BMV Standard is sector leading and guaranteed through validation and verification by accreditation bodies that are internationally recognised for their credibility. The Programme gives investors the opportunity to convert their negative impact on the environment and become problem solvers and innovators with environmental solutions.