150 years experience in the Oil, Gas and Renewables Sectors. 150 years supermajor experience in the Oil, Gas and Renewables Sectors:

Lyndon Energy is an exciting and distinctive energy platform whose Principals have more than 150 years of combined supermajor experience. The Owners understand the fundamentals of the energy mix and the importance of traditional fossil fuels in the medium to long term. The business is focussed on the gas and power value chains, specifically LNG where there is a significant opportunity as a gas trader and FSRU operator.

Lyndon Energy is a minority shareholder in Energize Myanmar, a quasi-governmental entity with a mandate to build, own and operate 20GW of incremental power by 2030 in Myanmar. This represents a projected capital investment of 20-30 billion US Dollars spent across a portfolio comprising of hydro power, LNG import terminals and infrastructure with associated gas fired generation.

Lyndon Energy is shareholder in Tractebel Engineering in the UK, a joint venture with GDF Suez, to provide power and gas engineering consultancy.


Lyndon Advisory provides advisory services to both the Upstream and Downstream elements of the Oil and Gas (pipeline and LNG) value chain. The Companies offer includes refinery optimisation and investment economics, shale gas, gas marketing and dispute management / resolution.


Lyndon LNG is constructing LNG value chains contracting third party gas and connecting this with markets deficit supply. The Company together with Energize Myanmar is creating distinctive market access to Myanmar via the use of a Floating Storage and Regasification Unit (FRSU).


Lyndon Power is a minority shareholder in Energize Myanmar, a company mandated to build out the Power Sector from its existing 4GW of installed capacity to 20GW by 2030. Energize Myanmar is focused on low carbon generation including, hydro and gas fired power.


Lyndon Carbon makes a full value chain Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Consultancy offer via its joint venture with the GDF Suez Group (CCS TLM). Additionally, Lyndon Energy is sales and Marketing Agent for the Brazil Mata Viva (BMV), Voluntary Carbon Offset (VCO) Program.


Lyndon Engineering provides Engineering Consultancy Services focused on the Power and Gas Sectors via its Joint Venture with the GDF Suez Group (Tractebel Engineering). The Companies offer includes, feasibility and FEED studies, followed by Owners Engineering (OE) or EPCM Services.